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Every corporation has a social responsibility. MATTHEWS CONSULT endeavours to live up to this responsibility. We invite you to follow our example.
Improve both your personal social competence and your business communication skills with the help of our specialised program.
Learn to work effectively in teams and enhance your value as team player.
Learn to cope better with everyday stress and to find an optimal work-life balance.
Gain career success through improved personal business performance and effectiveness.
Learn the secrets of effective team leadership and become a manager with vision.
Learn to use team diversity as a challenging impulse towards positive adaptation and change in your company.

Welcome to Matthews Consult!               

Matthews Consult is an internationally focused consulting, coaching and training platform with representatives in Dublin, Vienna and Dubai. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts specialise in the areas of Business Communication, Teamwork, Performance, Work-Life balance, Leadership and Gender/Diversity management.
We offer you and your company a unique opportunity to analyse, to improve and to enhance your Social-competence, Business communication skills, your Team-performance and your ability to lead and manage people.

The Matthews Consult team places special emphasis on the areas of Occupational Health and Stress-management, Diversity / Gender-management and Corporate Social Responsibility.


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